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Fleece Knit Fabrics

If you are in need of fleece knit fabrics and are shopping for the best prices, look no further than Nick of Time. We proudly serve as your number one source for fleece knit fabrics and a variety of other fabrics at the most competitive prices in the industry. Whether you are looking for retail or wholesale options, we can accommodate specifically to your needs.  

Cheap Online Fleece Knit Fabrics Offered

Why shop at Nick of Time for your fabric needs? Compared to traditional fabric shops, Nick of Time can cut costs that would have otherwise been used to pay for employees and other operational costs. What we don’t sacrifice though is customer service. We feel that customer service and the quality of our products are what will keep you coming back time and time again for all of your fabric needs and questions. Look no further than Nick of Time for your fleece knit fabric needs.

Discount Retail and Wholesale Fleece Knit Fabrics Available

Thank you for checking out our discounted fleece knit fabrics. Continue browsing through our online fabric store for information about our company and for additional products. Click on individual products for additional information, pricing and more. If you have questions about anything, do not hesitate to contact Nick of Time toll free at 1-877-447-8370 or send an email to We also recommend you “like” us on Facebook for additional information and offers!

Nick of Time Textiles @ 877-447-8370
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1701 Union Blvd. #301 Allentown PA 18109
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