Knitted Fabrics

Cool and Comfortable Knit Fabrics

One of the most popular types of clothing construction involves designing garments that are cool, comfortable and that launder well. With our knit fabrics, they do all of that as well as maintaining their colors and shapes. There is no need to worry about a small-sized garment turning into a stretched and faded out mess, our lightweight fabrics are manufactured to numerous, stringent standards and have passed quality control checks before we sell them. Some of our most requested, lightweight fabrics include: 

Fall and Winter Weather Knits

For a knitted fabric that is a more substantial, try our heavyweight knits. Ideal for casual and business clothing designs, our fall and winter weather knits are designed to keep people warm and looking their best. The knitted fabrics are color fade resistant and launder beautifully. You will find the following heavyweight knits in our collection:

Specialty Knit Fabrics Available

Supplying our customers with quality knit fabrics in specialty design patterns or fabric combinations is something we do best. All of our specialty knit fabrics are designed to add special flair, sparkle and finishing touches to any wardrobe. Fabrics can be used as panel inserts or overlays, and they can be constructed as a garment themselves. Three of our most popular specialty knit fabrics includes lace, lycra and sparking knit fabrics.

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