Winter Clearance

Winter Fabrics Clearance

Winter comes and goes, and the trends of winter change each year as well. However, the winter designs, patterns, and traditional colors never go away. Our Winter Fabrics Clearance will allow you to save money on winter fabrics whether you intend to use them now or later.

Now is the perfect time to pick up the fabrics you can easily put to good use on the cheap. Consider that even if you do designs, décor, or upholstery specifically for winter, you can buy these fabrics right now and hold on to them until you do need them.

After all, when the season comes back around, the prices typically go up for winter fabrics. Our Winter Fabrics Clearance will help you stay ahead of the curve. During our clearance, you can find:

  • Wool woven fabrics
  • Flannel woven fabrics
  • Polar fleece knit fabrics
  • Camouflage knit fabrics
  • Coating weight woven fabric
  • Sherpa knit fabric
  • Sweatshirt fleece knit fabric
  • Wool solid stripe knit fabric

As you can see, despite this being a winter fabrics clearance, these choices still lend themselves well to any project you want to use them for. Look at what we have to offer. This clearance won't last forever, but our discounted fabric selections will always be here for you. There's always a sale at Nick of Time Textiles.

As with any of our fabric, you can order a sample or contact us if you require additional information. Whether it's winter or any other season, you can trust us to deliver you high-quality fabric to fit your needs.