Special Occasion Fabrics

In life, it’s the small things that really count. We believe the same can be said for your fabric. That’s why if you’re preparing for any festive occasion, these special edition designs show the best of what Nick of Time has to offer—down to the very last detail.

At Nick of Time, we understand that certain occasions come up from day to day, which require a more specialized fabric. With that being said, we always come equipped with a vast variety of themed fabrics that can be melded into any unforgettable garment or decoration. Planning a wedding or bridal shower? That’s no problem at all. If you press on our pre-determined “Wedding” category, you’ll find that we have happily gathered a number of beautiful fabrics to be used on the big day.

However, if you’re taking a journey down a different aisle — graduation — Nick of Time has a featured category of fabrics that are ideal for all cap and gowns. Just pick your soon-to-be alma mater colors and we’ll help you out with the rest. Our representatives are always available to discuss potential projects, so feel free to give us a ring at 877-447-8370.

Lastly, if you’re in search of any other specialty fabrics, we invite you to take a look around. .