Upholstery Woven Fabrics

Nick of Time wants to make sure you always have all of the woven fabrics you need for your creative endeavor, offered to you at the lowest possible price. What you do with them outside of the store is your own choice. But that’s also why we refuse to limit ourselves to garmentry, and have made ourselves the go-to source for wholesale upholstery fabrics.

The discount woven upholstery fabric we offer is of the utmost quality, giving our customers a product they can rely on for any interior design or weaving project. If it wasn’t, there’s no point in even selling it. And, like the rest of our products, you can buy it today in bulk or individual at a low, affordable price.

If you can’t find the right fabric for you and your loved ones, don’t hesitate to ask our trained staff. We’ve become the premier source of woven fabrics through experience and professionalism, so we’re here to help every customer.

For more information on our wholesale upholstery fabrics, contact Nick of Time today!